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• 7/30/2015

The Motivator thread

At the last chat people were asking about my motivators. And perhaps you were wondering how to make your own. If you have Photoshop skills you have a lot of oprions, But thanks to the popularity of these little creations, lack of them doesn't leave you out of the fun. All you need is b asic web skills and the ability to take pictures. So here's my step-by-step guide to easy motivators.

1. Get an image. I use VLC's snapshot function to get most of the screenshots I use (I've recently discovered that while you can do it on the fly it's more accurate when paused). You can also use fanart, publicity stills, manmga panels, or just about any graphic you wish.

2. Go to a motivator creation website, of which there are several. I use http://bighugelabs.com/motivator.php . Upload your picture to the tool (JPG and PNG files are the standard and seem to work best -- fortunately VLC saves to PNG by default). Then use the boxes for text to add a title and a text (usually no more than three lines). The tool lets you choose a font for the title, the orientation of the finished poster (Portrait or Landscape -- screenshots generally work best in Landscape), and text and background colors for the "frame". Click the Create button, and BANG! Instant poster!

You can (and probably should) save the poster to your local system or networks when you're satisfied with it. For sharing on forums and the like, I keep my motivators on a Photobucket account, or you can load them directly to sites that support that function.

The end result of this very small amount of labor will look something like this:

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• 7/31/2015
Much potential. Jokes ready in a few weeks once I think I am up to it. Is that a new one?
• 8/1/2015

No, it's been sitting in my folder a while.

• 8/2/2015

Just watched the first special of the first season. Plan to use the Hidamari Apartments exploding as a motivator.

By the way: Are there no different from Demotivational Posters?

• 8/2/2015

They are called that sometimes. I don;t use that term because it indicates a sort of "life is bad, you are bad" attitude.

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