Yuno and Miyako buying art supplies in Aobano

Aobano (青葉野) is a city in the Hidamari Sketch universe. It is located one train stop away from Asagi-chō.

It is home to a large department store with an art supplies store, presumably Sekaiya.

Sucre Edit


Sucre's storefront

Sucre is a cake shop in Aobano known for its delicious roll cakes. It is a five minute walk from the station's south exit. Matsuri is looking for it when she runs into Yuno and Miyako. According to her, the pâtissier has a thick beard.

Trivia Edit

  • Many fictional cities mentioned in Hidamari Sketch are named after colors. Aoba means "green leaves," fitting with its proximity to asagi and midori.
  • Its name may come from Aoba-ku, a subdivision of Yokohama, or Aobadai, a station within it.
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