Arisawa as seen in Honest Words

Arisawa as seen in 48.5cm

Vital Statistics
Gender Female
Initial Year Year 3 (High School), Hoshimittsu
Height Unknown
Home Unknown
Relations Unknown
Technical Details
Anime Debut Because the Cup is Small (cameo)

Honest Words

Manga Debut Volume 4, page 11
Voice Actor Mai Nakahara

Arisawa (有沢) was a student in Yamabuki High School's Art Department. She graduated at the end of Yuno's first year.

In her senior year she began staying late after school to practice sketching in preparation for her art college exams. One such night she picked up a lost cell phone belonging to Yuno, whom she sketched when she came to retrieve it.[1]

She successfully passed her college exams and began living on her own. However, she is still not good at cooking meals and her diet mainly consists of rice and grilled fish.

She still keeps in contact with Yuno and invited her on a date to a restaurant, where they reconnected and shared stories about their friends[2]. She also attended Yamabuki's culture festival with a friend.[3]

Yuno has accidentally called her Ari-san (ありさん), meaning "ant."[2]

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