Japan's Summer
Season One, Episode Two
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Air date January 18, 2007
Written by ???
Directed by ???
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Japan's Summer is the second episode of the first season of Hidamari Sketch.

Episode Summary[edit | edit source]

Making a Nameplate[edit | edit source]

On a bright summer day during summer break, Yuno is doing morning calisthenics when she sees a note posted on her mailbox. If is from the Landlady, asking the tenants of the Hidamari Apartments to make her a new nameplate for the building.

Soon the group has assembled in Miyako's apartment, preparing wooden blocks for the nameplate. Each agrees to paint one hiragana charcter in "Hidamari", and after some discussion they decide to make the kanji for Apartments together. Each paints in a style and colors of her own choosing, which reflects their own character.

During their discussion while at work, Hiro reports an earlier encounter with Yoshinoya, in which the teacher appeared at the entrance to the school wearing a tenchcoat -- which she suddenly opened in front of a gasping Hiro, to show a new swimsuit.

The Mystery of Miyako's Apartment[edit | edit source]

During the painting, the state of Miyako's apartment comes under discussion. She points out that she pays 40,000 yen a month in rent (about $400 US), which is 5,000 yen less than the others pay. Originally Sae goes into an imitation of anime character Lovely Detective Magical Chocolat, but when she sees loose floor covering she becomes alarmed and departs with Miyako to visit the landlady.

They soon return, describing their meeting with the Landlady and their satisfaction with their explanation of the conditions. The Landlady had not have time to finish the unit's needed renovations, so offered it with cheaper rent to the impoverished Miyako so she could attend Yamabuki and achieve her dreams.

A Summer Festival[edit | edit source]

In their visit to the Landlady, Sae had been given flyers for a summer festival at the local Shinto shrine. All four girls decide to go, a;though Miyako has to borrow a childhood yukata from Hiro that is much too small for her. At the festival, Miyako relates how she often paid her way through summer festivals with her skill at balloon fishing. They also find a kitsune mask, which Miyako tries on. Soon Miyako runs off, prompting the rest of the group to follow her, until they come to a spectacular spot to view fireworks -- which Miyako was apparently the first to hear.

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Episode Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • For chronological order of the first season of the anime, this episode should be viewed sixth in order.
  • The kitsune motif is seen throughout the festival section of the episode, with several shots of Miyako taking on fox-spirit like features and displaying powers like walking on air. The other girls see none of this.
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