Hinata Heights

Hinata Heights as it appeared on an online map service used by Nori

Hinata Heights (ひなたハイツ) is an apartment complex located within five minutes of both Ama Art University and Sae's unnamed college. Sae and Hiro begin renting a single unit together after their graduation from Yamabuki High School. They are named after the surname of their unseen owner, Hinata (日向).

The complex has many appealing features: it meets earthquake and fire safety regulations, its trash pick-up site is clean, and it faces south so laundry will dry faster. The kitchen is furnished with a two-burner gas stove and the bathroom has a toilet with a bidet function. There are two bedrooms in the apartment they rent: one Western-style (used by Hiro) and one Japanese-style with tatami mats (used by Sae).



  • Like hidamari, hinata also means "a place in the sun."
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