Kirara Monthly is a light fiction magazine which is popular among high school girls. Its specialty is teen romance stories and novellas. Sae began her professional career contributing the winning story to its "rookie contest" and they have been her publisher ever since. Although they do not take every story she writes (she received a rejection from them during her first year), they have been a fairly reliable market. Naoi, one of the editors, has taken a great interest in Sae's work for them.

"Aya Tachibana" has in a short time become one of their most popular writers, and the magazine is so popular at Book Garden visited it sold out the first day it was on the shelves.

Natsume reads Kirara Monthly and knows that Aya Tachibana is really Sae. Others at school know Sae is a writer, but not her pseudonym. Chika is also a fan, and convinced Sae to autograph a copy of an issue (with her pen name).

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