Hidamari Sketch Wikia - Kuwahara Eye Catch
Kuwahara as seen in an Eye Catch
Vital Statistics
Gender Female
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Height Unknown
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Technical Details
Anime Debut TBA
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Voice Actor Unknown

Kuwahara is the school nurse at Yamabuki High School and Yoshinoya's closest friend on the staff.

Physical DescriptionEdit

Character SpecialtiesEdit

As the school nurse, Kuwahara performs such functions as checking students (and occasionally staff) into the infirmary, dispensing medicine, and supervising the annual physical exams of the student body.

Social DemeanorEdit

Although Yoshinoya's habits like using the infirmary to take naps or as a refuge from the Principal tend to annoy her, she does socialize with Yoshinoya and has occasionally been known to have nighttime phone conversations that last for hours.

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