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Masa no Yu (正の湯) is a public bathhouse within walking distance of the Hidamari Apartments. It has large, hot soaking pools segregated by gender. Its admission was initially shown to be 400 yen, but had risen to 450 yen by the time of Honeycomb.

The group will go there from time to time to relax and recover from stressful events like the Yamabuki Festival. Miyako is especially fond of it, as its name when written right-to-left horizontally in hiragana appears to read Yuno-sama if read from left-to-right. She plays a trick on Nori and Nazuna by not letting them know of its true name before they see the misleading sign with their own eyes.

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  • One of its wallpapers features Mt. Fuji. The episode Her Highness Yuno originally aired on TV with incomplete animation. It became infamous when a placeholder for the wallpaper was simply black text on a white background reading "Mt. Fuji" (富士山 Fuji-san). This came to be known as the "Fuji-san Incident" among fans.
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