Vital Statistics
Gender Female
Initial Year High school, Year 1 (Volume 8)
Height Unknown
Home Unknown
Relations Unknown
Technical Details
Anime Debut N/A
Manga Debut Volume 8, page 64
Voice Actor N/A

Matsuri (茉里) is the newest addition to Hidamari Apartments who now occupies Room 101. She was introduced in the April 2014 issue of Manga Time Kirara Carat.

Matsuri is enrolled in the Yamabuki High School Art Department. She is already thinking about what art colleges to apply to, putting her ahead of her peers. She first appeared meeting Yuno and Miyako at a shopping district and asking directions for a cake shop -- she had been looking for a housewarming gift for moving into the Hidamari Apartments, and it was a mutual shock for them to discover they were fellow tenants.

Physical Attributes[edit | edit source]

She has long, light purple hair and eyes and wears a flower ribbon on her right side. Her dress is often elaborate, and very "girly".

Character Specialities[edit | edit source]

She enjoys illustration and fashion. We have yet to learn much about her skill level.

Her parents are not artists, but "serious" government employees.

Social Demeanor[edit | edit source]

Thinking that Yamabuki's art program was for "eccentrics," she almost went to her school opening ceremony dressed in an outrageously gaudy outfit before Yuno stopped her. She is very upbeat and social, almost aggressively so.

When it comes to teasing the other tenants, her primary target is Nori. Her offers of things like a massage after a ping-pong match tend to make Nori rather uncomfortable. Despite this, the other tenants make continual efforts to include her in group activities like communal meals.

Miscellaneous Information[edit | edit source]

  • Matsuri is manga-exclusive, as the anime does not continue after Sae and Hiro's graduation. Obviously, this is also why she does not have a voice actor.
  • Matsuri is occasionally called "Festa-san" by Miyako, because her name is also a pun on the Japanese word for "festival".

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