Tōdō in the x 365 specials
Vital Statistics
Gender Female
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Height Unknown
Home Unknown
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Technical Details
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Voice Actor Marina Inoue

Tōdō (藤堂), also romanized as Toudou, is a graduate of Yamabuki High School's general studies program.

During Yuno's first year, she was the president of the Broadcasting Club and acted as MC for school events such as the Yamabuki Sports Festival. She also paid a visit to Hidamari Apartments to conduct personal interviews with its residents about the eccentric rumors surrounding the complex.

Although she never appears in person in the manga, she is in charge of Manga Time Kirara Carat's Yamabuki Lounge Notebook readers' corner, where she reacts to letters, artwork, and caption contest entries submitted by fans. These pages have been printed alongside every Hidamari chapter published since the section began in November 2006.