The Yamabuki Private Arts High School

Yamabuki Private Arts High School is the school attended by the cast of Hidamari Sketch. It is renowned for the quality of its arts programs, to the point that it attracts students from across Japan. Some of these students have families too far away to make a normal commute practical, which is one reason for the existence of places like the Hidamari Apartments. There is also a "general studies" program at the school, which Nazuna attends.

Although the series centers entirely on female students, Yamabuki is in fact a co-ed institution. With certain rare exceptions, the male student body leaves the main cast alone.

Like most high schools in Japan, Yamabuki has athletic and cultural festivals every year.

The culture fest is a huge deal, as one would expect in a school filled with artists. In addition to class projects, individual students are allowed to exhibit their work at the festival. In addition to physical arts, the cultural festival features music, film, and drama organized by the various classes. Yuno was involved with both the class play and an individual drawing during the festival her freshman year, while Sae's freshman painting of lilies was still in her personal collection her junior year.

The athletic festivals are frequently a release for inter-class rivalries in both departments. The one in Yuno's freshman year was the scene of some particularly noticeable rivalry noises on the part of Natsume.

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