Yuno's Parents are the set of parents who most frequently appear in the anime and manga. Their names are never given, In the anime, they first appear together in the second season episode Round Carrots. Her mother has a small part in the first episode of 365, Pleased to Meet You, Mrs. Ume! They live three hours away from Midori City by train.

Her mother accompanied Yuno to the entrance exams at Yamabuki and later made the arrangements for her to rent a unit at the Hidamari Apartments. The couple visited Yuno at the complex three months after Yuno moved in and met the other Hidamari tenants, also paying a visit to Yoshinoya's house.

Mother is calm, level-headed, supportive and practical. She tends to think ahead, and to think the best of people. She was born on 27 June 1964. Father is protective and a bit suspicious-minded -- for example, the sight of one of Sae's hairs on the floor of Yuno's apartment made him suspicious of her and he had to be persuaded nothing "untoward" had happened. He also found Yoshinoya suspicious after she made one of her usual semi-ribald jokes. But after meeting Miyako and the other Hidamari tenants he became convinced they were "good people" with whom his daughter could be trusted.

Occasionally Yuno will come home for visits, not always with enough notice to please her father. Later in the manga, Yuno travels home to her parents to persuade them to send her to an art university. She was required to call in an old favor to get her father's consent.